We abide by state and federal fair debt collection statute to ensure that we properly collect the money you are owed from unpaid invoices, accounts receivable, judgments, bad checks, credit applications, or fees. We make demands, file lawsuits, obtain judgments, and take collections actions on those judgments. Our debt collection services are tailored to your specific situation to maximize financial recovery.

Conversely, we can protect your right not to be harassed or embarrassed by debt collectors during the debt collection process. We can help you negotiation with creditors to bring balances to a reasonable amount and explore payment plan options. If bankruptcy becomes a necessary solution, we explain the different bankruptcy options and help you find an option that suits your objectives.

How to Choose a Florida Collections Lawyer

Choosing the right Florida Collections Lawyer is something you must pay very close attention to, always ask for references, and you should always verify the attorney is licensed and in good standing to practice law by calling the state bar where the attorney is licensed.

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We are committed to helping you address your Collections needs through sound legal advice that supports.

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