Breach of Contract Disputes

The importance of contracts in business and personal operations cannot be emphasized enough. A contract is formed when an agreement is made by one party offering something of value and another party accepts it. There are oral and written contracts, both serve to protect individuals and businesses.  Since oral contracts are difficult to prove, written contacts are strongly encouraged.

Written contracts serve many purposes including providing terms of the agreement, recording of the deal, reinforcing compliance, and assisting with disputes.  Certain contracts, such as real estate transactions and contracts lasting for more than one year, must be written to be enforceable in court. Other contracts will vary according to state laws.

What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract is a legal cause of action.  Unfortunately, parties to a contract do not always agree upon the terms, or a party may not comply with his obligations.  A carefully drafted agreement assists with negotiations and assists with consequences in the event of a default by a party.  The contract can even specify the damages or consequences of a breach.

Craig M. Dorne, PA works closely with clients to draft contracts that specify the rights and obligations of each party into the contract. In addition, we work with clients to address the ramifications of any breach and assist with litigation should the need arises.

Breach of Contact Disputes is a very serious issue you should not take on alone, the best course of action is to consult an experienced attorney to help. Choosing an attorney is also something you must pay very close attention to, always ask for references, and you should always verify the attorney is licensed and in good standing to practice law by calling the state bar where the attorney is licensed.

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