To run your business legally, there are certain federal and state licenses and permits you will need to obtain. Different requirements apply at the federal and state level. Business activity and physical location determine most license requirements. License exist at federal, state and local levels.  People unfortunately operate businesses without required licensing.  This can cause civil fines to be assessed and can result in criminal prosecution.

Licensing can also apply to a business arrangement in which one company gives another company permission to manufacture its product for a specified payment. We structure, draft, and negotiate these agreements on your behalf to protect your ideas and assure that the business will operate with required licensing.

Legal consultation to find out which licenses are required is often necessary.  The application process is often difficult and time consuming.  Craig M. Dorne, PA is glad to assist clients in obtaining and investigating licensing requirements.  Call our firm for a free consultation.

How to Choose a Licensing Lawyer

Choosing the right Florida Licensing Lawyer is something you must pay very close attention to, always ask for references, and you should always verify the attorney is licensed and in good standing to practice law by calling the state bar where the attorney is licensed.

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