Liquor License and Licensing Laws

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Helping Businesses with Liquor Licensing and Liquor License Violations

Many prospective bar and restaurant owners have a misconception about what it takes to get a liquor license. While a hotel is entitled to a liquor license when it receives a hotel license, a restaurant does not have that guarantee. You may find that your new restaurant can only receive a beer and wine license … or you may have trouble getting a liquor license at all.

Or perhaps your entertainment venue bought a liquor license through a broker and you got more than you bargained for, with problems and encumbrances from a prior owner.

If you need help obtaining a liquor license, getting a real estate variance or resolving a liquor license violation, contact the Miami law office of Craig M. Dorne, PA. For nearly 20 years we’ve been representing the owners of bars, restaurants, night clubs and hotels in South Florida in licensing matters.

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Obtaining a Liquor License

Whether you are purchasing or starting a new restaurant, club or bar, talk with a business lawyer who works with food and entertainment venues. Liquor licenses are issued by the government and you will want to ensure that the location you are considering is one in which your business can legally serve alcohol and operate successfully.

A liquor license is expensive. If you spend $100,000, you want to be sure you can use it. We can help you find a survey company to conduct survey work to support your application. Our real estate lawyer can help you work with local government to receive a variance, if that is needed, to operate in your location. We can also assist in financing your liquor license.

Violations and Problems with Liquor Licenses

If you are applying for a liquor license you can either submit a new application or you can buy one from an existing business that has one for sale. There are brokers who specifically handle the sale of liquor licenses. While you might expect that they know what they are doing, that’s not necessarily the case.

We help business owners who purchased a liquor license through a broker only to find that the prior owner had a history of license violations, rendering the license unusable. If you work with us early in the process, we can help ensure the license you are purchasing is clear of encumbrances so you don’t have problems in the first place.

We also help business owners clean up their own liquor license violations and municipal code violations so they can get back to business as usual.

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