Shareholder Agreements and Operating Agreements

As times change and opportunities present themselves, so do businesses. Having an experienced attorney on your side to draft a detailed shareholder and purchase agreements can be the key to a successful sale, acquisition, or merger of a business entity. A knowledgeable business lawyer can ensure the drafting a shareholder agreement amenable to all parties involved.

At the law office of Craig M. Dorne, PA we have the experience to help businesses with all types of shareholder and purchase agreements. By conducting careful due diligence into the business deal, we can provide sound advice about the contents of the agreement and the financial ramifications of the transaction. Contact us today and let us help your business move in a new direction.

Our Firm Has Two Decades of Shareholder And Purchase Agreements Experience Throughout South Florida

Craig M. Dorne, routinely helps individuals negotiate the sales of their business or acquiring a competitor’s business, as well as drafting the applicable purchase agreement. Whether it is a sale or purchase of a division or a whole business to competitors, or one partner selling his share to another partner, we can help ensure a smooth process and transfer of control and ownership. We work to execute the correct shareholder consent and purchase agreements, and that ongoing business relationships continue with the new owners.

If two businesses decide to take advantage of the synergies between their respective companies, utilizing the strengths that each brings to a new enterprise, we can help form the new joint venture. If two companies want to combine to form one larger entity, we can facilitate the merger. If a division grows too large or needs to separate, we have the skills to smooth the way for a successful corporate spin-off.

We also help you resolve disputes and help settle business divorces. We can deal with any peripheral issues that arise from purchase agreements for the new business. These may include zoning issues, licensing matters, asset sales, stockholder agreements and consent contracts. Contact us today and let us assist you when it is time to move your business in a new direction.