Business Law Services

Business Law Services

At the Law offices of Craig M. Dorne we offer a list of services that specifically focuses on business matters. Many who are seeking legal representation in the area of legal business matters sometimes make common mistakes and seek out the help of lawyers or attorneys who general practioners but don’t specialize in certain areas. Why would someone look to hire legal representation in matters that are foreign to the law firm or lawyer and risk potential complications down the road?

At the offices of Craig M. Dorne we solely focus on legal business matters. Our services range from:

• Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating business sale offer letters and agreements
• Advising on financial positioning and legal review
• Assignment of business trade name and transfer of customers
• Back taxes, debts, or civil liabilities counseling
• Stock purchase and asset only purchase assistance

Your business matters could require a process or formality that can be lengthy and difficult. For help with these issue or others, please contact the law office of Craig M. Dorne, PA Located at 3132 Ponce de Leon Boulevard Coral Gables, Florida 33134 or call (305) 531-7890. You can also contact us via our web form.


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