Employment Law

Employment law is the body of law that governs the employer-employee relationship, including individual employment contracts, the application of contract doctrines, and a large group of statutory regulation on issues such as the right to organize and negotiate collective bargaining agreements, protection from discrimination, wages and hours, and health and safety. The employment relationship is more than the exchange of labor for money. For many, employment responsibilities, performance, and rewords lead to increased feelings of self-worth, dignity, satisfaction, and accomplishment.

While most employment laws were established to protect the rights of employees, we help corporations understand a host of issues related to employment including workers’ compensation, termination of employment, sexual harassment, workplace safety, wage and overtime standards, privacy rights, discrimination against employees, and employee benefits. We review employment contracts, advise clients, mediate between employers and employees, and represent clients in civil lawsuits against employees.

How to Choose a Employment Law Lawyer

Choosing the right Employment Law attorney is something you must pay very close attention to, always ask for references, and you should always verify the attorney is licensed and in good standing to practice law by calling the state bar where the attorney is licensed.

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