Florida Real Estate Law: Selling Real Estate


Florida real estate law can be complex without the studying and knowledge that comes with becoming a real estate or law professional. Luckily, we at the Law Offices of Craig Dorne are here to help!

Do I Need an Agent?

For those in the know, it is possible to sell real estate without an agent. There are however many problems that an individual can encounter if attempting to sell without the help of a real estate agent or lawyer versed in Florida real estate law. Something as simple as settling upon a selling price or gaining exposure in a diluted market can be leaps and bounds for a “for sale by owner” listing. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is a good resource for beginning your search for an agent if necessary.

Listing Your Home

There are many financial and legal things to consider when listing your home for sale. These include the impact of the sale on your personal accounts and determining what you must and must not disclose to potential buyers. There are several options for selling your home. Under Florida real estate law, you may list through multiple agents under an open listing. Exclusive listings limit you to the use of one specific agent. The type and duration of these exclusive listings depends on your agreement with the broker.

Seller’s Disclosure

Under Florida real estate law, sellers must reveal any problems that could make buyers reconsider their purchase. Under state law, sellers must reveal problems that could make buyers reconsider their purchase. This can include anything from deed restrictions to issues with the foundation. A buyer might sue you later if you fail to disclose.

A Purchase Agreement

After you have accepted an offer, outline details such the closing date and price in a purchase agreement. This document legally commits you to sell your home.

Consult a Florida Real Estate Law Professional

Florida real estate laws can be complex and confusing to the ordinary person. Consult with one of our attorneys that specializes in Florida real estate law to make sure your sale goes as smoothly as possible!


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