Hotel Management Agreement Tips

When negotiating a hotel management agreement, there are many things you must consider to make the process proceed smoothly and successfully. Deadlines and delays can be harmful; the quicker the negotiating process is completed, the better off you will be. Below are a few hotel management agreement tips on how to expedite the entire process in order to complete a well-orchestrated negotiation:

  •  Identify your team. Decide the members of your group and identify who will have authority and the ability to make decisions.
  •  Seek the advice of experts. Outside advisors, such as lawyers and consultants, can give you a better sense of the market and processes.
  •  Make sure everyone is in agreement. Everyone within your group should be on the same page with the same goals and priorities.
  •  Identify and prioritize. Important issues must be identified and prioritized by importance. These issues must be raised and negotiated in the term sheet or LOI.
  •  Control the drafting of the agreement. Have an editable version of the agreement that you can revise and customize to meet your needs or highlight issues for further review.
  •  Stay organized. Keep track of dates, meetings, and revisions. Make sure you revise and confirm everything. Control staff participation and limit the parties involved to those that need and can truly aide in the process.

Negotiating a hotel agreement can be a difficult process. Following these few simple steps and working with professionals can help make your operations more prosperous.