No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Employee Issues in the Workplace

My clients and friends know that I have on my desk a sign saying no good deed goes unpunished.  I use this saying with my student when I teach as well.  I use the saying not to discourage people but rather to make them think before they act.  Think of the saying before you act.  As you listen to the news you will see actions daily taken by people that they would not ordinarily do, but do for another person.  I listened to the news the other day to hear of a police officer taking action to help Lebron James and knew he would never have done it for himself.  Next you have Lebron James not think about how his action would cause problems for an officer just trying to help him.  So please think before you act and do not do for someone else what you would not do for yourself.  You will help yourself and you may also protect others such as your employer. The last thing you want are employee issues in the workplace.  Employees need to think how any action can effect them and their employers.


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